The group is actively recruiting enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in working on future energy-efficient integrated electronics hardware systems with more details below. We are committed to supporting diversity in our group, department, and school where creativity is fostered together with a strong work ethic.

Outstanding and self-motivated students interested in joining the iPower group are recommended to contact Prof. Le directly.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Prior research experience is invaluable and oftentimes required for a technical career in engineering whether your immediate goal is graduate school or a scientific/engineering job. An undergraduate research opportunity offers opportunities for undergraduate students to learn multiple practical skills while exploring science and engineering in cutting-edge projects, as well as to receive compensation. It also offers hands-on hardware experiences that help verify and solidify theories that you learn in class. There are numerous programs supporting undergraduate research on campus including the ECE’s Summer Research Internship Program and other campus-level Undergraduate Research Scholarships (URS).

Undergraduate students who are interested in our iPower3Es hardware research areas are encouraged to contact Prof. Le directly to get information on available opportunities. 

Graduate Research Opportunities

The group is actively recruiting graduate students for several available openings. Strong preference will be given to individuals with hardware development backgrounds in the following areas of electrical engineering: integrated circuits, integrated power converters, low-power wireless power transfer, and communication circuits. Research outcomes are aimed at integrated/miniaturized power delivery and energy-efficient systems in future homes, data centers, mobile devices, automotive applications, motor drives, next-generation communication systems, implantable biomedical devices, and the Internet of Things. 

Graduate students, if admitted to the group, will receive full support including full tuition, RA stipend, and health insurance premium.  

Inquiries from prospective graduate students are welcome. Please feel free to contact Prof. Le whether you are already at UCSD, have accepted an admission offer, or are considering UCSD for graduate school.

Post-doctoral Position Opportunities

If you are a postdoc coming with a funding, you are welcome to explore a research opportunity in the group. If you are looking for a postdoc position that includes funding, this is not the group for you. The group has no funding for post-doctoral positions.