ISSCC 2019 - Smart Cable
APEC 2019 - Multi-Inductor Hybrid (MIH) Converter Family
ISSCC 2019 - Smart Cable
APEC 2019 - Multi-Inductor Hybrid (MIH) Converter Family
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Latest News

  • 06/2024 – We welcome Reid as our first and only remote member of the group. He is also an MS student at CU Boulder.
  • 05/2024 – Very exciting month for us when 3 chips are working in the lab and another one is working across the ocean.
  • 04/2024 – We welcome Eamon and Jason to the group for research on integrated circuits and power management.
  • 03/2024 – We have the first integrated GaN power converter design working in the lab, targeting a very important system of the future. Better yet, we are working on at least a couple more!
  • 02/2024 – We are happy to receive a large group of researchers and experts, including Prof. Jung-Ik Ha of the EECL and Prof. Shenghui Cui of the PCSL and their groups from Seoul National University and other leaders from Hyundai-NGV to visit our group and exchange ideas in a mini-workshop on power electronics.
    • We look forward to possible collaborations with these leading groups in the field.
  • 02/2024 – Several members get a chance to attend the ISSCC 2024, and spend a great time meeting our alumni there. See the photo page!
  • 01/2024 – Ian Gruber joins the group as a BS/MS student to study integrated power converter. Welcome to the group, Ian!

Welcome to iPower3Es

Research Mission

Our research mission is to address challenges in co-optimizing efficiency and size with performance in different electronic systems and applications, including:

  • High-performance computing and data centers
  • Mobile and automotive devices
  • Robots: futuristic ones
  • Communication systems
  • DC-houses and DC-buildings
  • Low-power biomedical implants
  • Internet of Things (IoTs)


We are always looking for good team members. Outstanding and self-motivated students interested in joining the iPower3Es group are recommended to contact Prof. Le directly.

Our team combines individuals who love what we are doing for future energy-efficient electronics systems. We strongly support diversity in our group, department, and school where creativity is fostered together with a strong work ethic. And also very importantly, we have fun. 


Research Center Participations

Companies and Institutions that Alumni Go to