ISSCC 2019 - Smart Cable
APEC 2019 - Multi-Inductor Hybrid (MIH) Converter Family
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Latest News

  • 10/2021 – Ratul has a paper accepted to COMPEL 2021 on an accurate approach to calculate and measure capacitor voltages and inductor currents in hybrid converters. Congratulations, Ratul!
  • 09/2021 – UCSD officially joins the Power Management Integration Center as a new center site in addition to one at Dartmouth College. Prof. Le will serve as a Co-director of the Center. The focus of PMIC matches perfectly with the research direction of the iPower3Es group. Congratulations, Prof. Le and the whole group!
  • 09/2021 – Po-Han joins our group from NYMCTU, Hsinchu, Taiwan. Welcome, Po-Han!
  • 09/2021 – Saket joins to explore our group, from IIT Kanpur, India. Welcome, Saket!
  • 09/2021 – Ryan Tran, an ECE undergrad, joins us to explore a new power converter for future electric motors. Welcome, Ryan!
  • 09/2021 – Lam Tran, an ECE undergrad, joins us to explore a boost converter for LCD backlight. Welcome, Lam!
  • 07/2021 – Jacob Lopez, an ECE undergrad, joins us to work with Ratul on a new power converter design with a novel stack structure. Welcome, Jacob!
  • 06/2021 – Roger and Hieu are interning at TI and Intel this Summer. Great learning opportunities for them. Congrats!
  • 05/2021 – Ratul has two papers, accepted to ECCE 2021, on innovative converters for direct AC grid-to-DC and 48VDC-to-1VDC isolated conversions. Congratulations, Ratul!
  • 04/2021 – Jonah Soong, a freshman in Computer Engineering, joins our group for research exploration. Welcome, Jonah!
  • 01/2021 – Prof. Le is awarded a prestigious NSF CAREER award for his research in Next-Generation Integrated Hybrid DC-DC Converters for Future More-DC World. Congratulations to Prof. Le and the iPower3Es group!

Welcome to iPower3Es

Research Mission

Our research mission is to address challenges in co-optimizing efficiency and size with performance in different electronic systems and applications, including:

  • High-performance computing and data centers
  • Mobile and automotive devices
  • Robots: futuristic ones
  • Communication systems
  • DC-houses and DC-buildings
  • Low-power biomedical implants
  • Internet of Things (IoTs)


We are always looking for good team members. Outstanding and self-motivated students interested in joining the iPower3Es group are recommended to contact Prof. Le directly.

Our team combines individuals who love what we are doing for future energy-efficient electronics systems. We strongly support diversity in our group, department, and school where creativity is fostered together with a strong work ethic. And also very importantly, we have fun. 


Research Center Participations